"The best form of faith is the belief that God is with you wherever you are."


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Source: Nahj-al-Fasahah

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Allahumma inni as’aluk ak jannah sur We Heart It.

So I went to Tim Hortons to get a coffee and I’m in the drive thru and the person behind me kept giving me the dirtiest looks ever. I thought to myself hmm I’ll show them. So I bought their coffee.


Funny how Muslim women are “oppressed,”

yet there are 20,000 new converts to Islam every year with women outnumbering men 4 to 1. 

That means 80 % of converts to Islam are women. 

Salaam sis! Im here because I just saw some posts of you, and probably this is not my business, but... are you alright? I mean, if whatever is bothering is happening to YOU, my inbox is here and I will help :) may Allah reward you


Walaikum Assalam sister! Yes alhamdulillah I am doing so much better. I was going through a very hard time. But alhamdulillah I’m in a lot better mind set I was. JazakAllah Khair for your concern. May Allah reward you.


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You love this dunyah while it has no loyalty to you.