So as I was driving to work I seen this.

The worst feeling is knowing that my parents aren’t muslim. They’re getting older in age and it scares me to know they still haven’t accepted islam. It saddens me that we can’t share this beautiful religion happily together. That we can’t go to Jannah together. I envy born Muslims so much because of this. You will never know how many times I’ve sat around crying knowing that my parents haven’t accepted islam. I make dua everyday that Allah guides them in the right path. I guess that’s all I can do is make dua. And do indirect dawah with them. Inshallah one day…

hindustani-rani could you please! So I at least know which ones are good to order when I do make an order from there. I might just go back to this store tomorrow and see what the return policy is. InshaAllah I can return this abaya I bought and order like 2 from east Essence.
hindustani-rani I’ve looked at that website so many times! I just get so nervous buying abayas online because I’m so picky when it comes to the fabric. I’ll have to try them next time now that I know. I just spent 120 on a single abaya and it’s not even fancy. So I definitely need to do something different!

Why do abayas have to be so expensive in the US.


Feel free to share this guys. Designed this to occupy my mind off of today’s tragic events (Gaza ground attack by Israeli forces & Malaysia Airlines MH17 shot down over Ukraine).
Hopefully this could come in handy, InshaAllah.


here’s your daily reminder that:

  • Allah  loves you more than anyone else ever could/will.
  • rasulullah  cried while praying for you.
  • this dunya is fleeting and everything in it has an end. 
  • Allah’s pleasure is your aim.
  • jannah is your home.