So I’m sitting in my car outside the masjid crying while everyone else is praying for eid cause some lady who thinks she runs it told me I’m not allowed inside the masjid cause I’m on my period.

Eid Mubarak!!:)

Could the Muslims of Tumblr please reblog this? I’m new and need blogs to follow.

Just got my henna done for eid. And for some reason I swear I’m like a child every time I get it done I have the hardest time not messing it up.

This year marks my third ramadan alhamdulillah. It also marks the third time I got my period at the end of Ramadan. Which marks the third year I’ve missed out on laylatul qadr, the end of taraweeh, and eid prayers.

Help please!:)

So my mother in-law sent me scarves from Pakistan and one of them she had dyed. And it has that weird strong smell from dying fabric. Does anyone know how to get the smell out?


Life In Gaza Explained





Hug a Terrorist ..
Touching initiative from Canada ^_^ 

Seriously bawling my eyes out right now. Ya rab please help the sweet angels of oppression and protect their innocence

oh, my heart. i’m in tears.

oh bless :’)

So as I was driving to work I seen this.